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The Devil Diamond (January 15, 1937)

Frankie Darro in The Devil Diamond

Released on January 15, 1937: (running time 60 minutes) A retired jewel cutter is hired to cut a cursed diamond into smaller jewels, but a gang of thieves will try to steal it first.

Produced by Maurice Conn

Directed by Leslie Goodwins

The Actors: Frankie Darro (Lee, aka Kid Harris), Kane Richmond (Jerry Carter), June Gale (Dorothy Lanning), Rosita Butler (Yvonne Wallace), Robert Fisk (Professor John Henry Morgan, aka Moreland), Charles Prince (henchman Al), Edward Earle (Arthur Stevens), Fern Emmett (Miss Wallace), Byron Foulger (Ole, the houseboy), George Cleveland (George Davis), Burr Caruth (Peter Lanning), Jack Ingram (Chuck, thug), Frank McCarroll (henchman Shorty), Sam Flint (diamond company board member), Eva McKenzie (cook), Hal Price (club bartender)


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One winter several years ago I learned about a small, out of the way bed and breakfast on a small island named Cedar Key, in the 'armpit' of Florida. During the summer months Cedar Key is a weekend get-away for nearby residents, but during the winter months it is quite deserted and lonely. Just what I wanted. This bed and breakfast had just been purchased by a young couple that had a dream of building their future in this small island paradise. I stayed in one of the front rooms that was called the Boone-Buffet room, as Richard Boone, a old movie and television star had stayed there sometime in the past, and it seems that Jimmy Buffett occasionally would sail his boat from one of his homes on the Suwanee River down to the Key and stay in that room. Not only that, but Buffett would stand on the second floor porch outside the room and serenade the folks on the street below. At the time it was the only available room that had its own bathroom, and that made it quite a deal. Of course, there was no television in the room and no telephone - only a bed, dresser and lamp. It was perfect. There are few moments in my life that I am not using or near a computer, but for this trip I only took a handful of books with me. When I checked in I got a key to my room, and a key to the back door. The big house was locked up tight at 10pm, and if I was out and wanted in after ten, I needed to use the key to the back door that they provided. What a perfectly wonderful week that was. I did more 'nothing' than I have done before or since.

In this movie a bed and breakfast home in Puerto Rico is owned and run by an old retired diamond cutter and he lovely young daughter. In New York City a diamond company has purchased the huge cursed 'Jarvis' diamond, with the intention of cutting it into several smaller diamonds that might be sold at a profit. They hire the old retired diamond cutter in Puerto Rico to cut their diamond. Of course, we have a group of gangsters who intend on stealing the diamond, and they use one of our heroes, Frankie Darro, as their excuse for staying at the bed and breakfast. They pretend that they are backing him and training him to be a fighter. The tension builds as the gangsters kidnap the diamond cutter and manage to steal the diamonds, and the race is on to recover the stolen rocks from the bad guys in this vacation paradise of sunny Puerto Rico.

Frankie DarroKane Richmond and June Gale
Frankie Darro - 1937Kane Richmond and June Gale
Byron Foulger and June GaleFrankie Darro, June Gale, Kane Richmond and Rosita Butler
Byron Foulger and June Gale - 1937Four protagonists in The Devil Diamond
Frankie Darro in The Devil Diamond 
Frankie Darro in The Devil Diamond