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Bank Alarm (June 7, 1937)

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Bank Alarm

Released on June 7, 1937: G-man O'Connor and G-woman Bobbie Reynolds are on the trail of a gang of bank robbers and counterfeiters terrorizing Los Angeles.

Directed by Louis J. Gasnier

The Actors: Conrad Nagel (Alan O'Connor), Eleanor Hunt (Bobbie Renolds), Vince Barnett (Clarence 'Bulb' Callahan), Wheeler Oakman (Joe Karlotti), Nat Carr (Yoritz), Frank Milan (Jerry Turner), Wilma Francis (Kay O'Connor), William L. Thorne (Police Inspector J.C. Mac), Charles Delaney (henchman Duke), Phil Dunham (Leon Curtis, bank clerk), Sidney D'Albrook (coroner), Pat Gleason (henchman Barney), Wilson Benge (Overman, bank book), Henry Roquemore (the Sheriff), Ed Schaefer (Tracy), Harry Anderson (reporter), Jack Cheatham (policeman), Floyd Criswell (Smith), Lester Dorr (radio news commentator), Henry Hall (bank president J.C. Harrington), Sydney Jarvis (police doctor), Frank Meredith (guard at police station), Jack C. Smith (Grimes), Al Thompson (auto camp manager), Dan Wolheim (mechanic).

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The Los Angeles gangsters in this G-man thriller bring in a man from the east coast to help them pull off a job at a WPA camp in Nevada. WPA? The movie audiences in 1937 didn't need to be told what that was - it was one of the most familiar parts of Great Depression America.

The Great Depression began in 1929, and wasn't considered over until we spent so much money building planes and ships for WWII that we spent our way out of the depression. During the worst years there were soup kitchens in large cities, and in many places new 'towns' were created out of cardboard and other discarded trash by the people that were made homeless. Some of these towns still exist today, and some of them are named 'Hooverville' after President Hoover, the unfortunate man who became President a few months before the stock market crash that kicked of the Great Depression. After Hoover, Franklin Delano Roosevelt became President and he started the process of spending money to get the economy moving again instead of cutting the budget and choking the economy like Hoover did. Without any form of unemployment help for laid off workers, Roosevelt started the Works Progress Administration, which ran from 1935 until the war years when it was no longer needed. The Federal Government hired unemployed men and women by the millions around the country, and paid them do what they did best. It paid artists to paint murals in public buildings, authors to write historical pieces about the America of the 1930's, and actors to act, but most of the jobs went to craftsmen and laborers. In towns large and small across the nation public works projects were started and completed by these workmen who were paid by the government. They built bridges, made new roads and built large band stands in the center of many small towns. They cleared forests, built new city halls and anything else that needed done but didn't have a budget. While many people died of starvation and malnutrition in America during the Great Depression, many more survived to work another day because of the W.P.A. and other programs that comprised the 'New Deal' that was the keystone of the Franklin Roosevelt presidency.

If you want to see Conrad Nagel and Eleanor Hunt became a team as government agents, you can watch their first adventure made two years earlier: Sinful Cargo - 1935

Conrad Nagel
Conrad Nagel's movie credit screen
Eleanor Hunt
Eleanor Hunt's movie credit screen
Conrad Nagel and Ed Schaefer
Conrad Nagel and Ed Schaefer discover the crook in the bank.
Conrad Nagel and Henry Hall
Conrad Nagel and Henry Hall discuss the bank alarm that didn't work.
Conrad Nagel and Wilma Francis
Conrad Nagel and Wilma Francis as brother and sister in the movie Bank Alarm.
Conrad Nagel
G-man O'Connor, played by Conrad Nagel, listens to the evidence.
Eleanor Hunt
Eleanor Hunt as G-woman Bobbie Reynolds
Eleanor Hunt and Al Thompson
Eleanor Hunt and Al Thompson look at the guest register at the auto camp where the gangsters stayed over night.
Eleanor Hunt and Conrad Nagel
Eleanor Hunt and Conrad Nagel as G-man and G-woman who are after the band of gangsters
Eleanor Hunt and Wheeler Oakman
Eleanor Hunt tries to get a job with Wheeler Oakman so she can infiltrate his gang.
Eleanor Hunt
Eleanor Hunt primps as she waits for Conrad Nagel
Frank Milan and Pat Gleason
Frank Milan and Pat Gleason discuss how they will steal the payroll from the WPA camp in Nevada
Frank Milan
Frank Milan, as gangster Jerome Turner
Henry Hall
Henry Hall as bank president J.C. Harrington
Henry Roquemore
Henry Roquemore as the Sheriff who doesn't suspect the gangsters of stealing the WPA payroll.
Henry Roquemore
Henry Roquemore as the Sheriff, brings dinner to the gangsters.
Jack C. Smith
Jack C. Smith pretending to be a farmer and giving bad descriptions of the gangsters to the cops.
Jack C. Smith
Jack C. Smith as the phony farmer giving the cops misleading information.
Jack Cheatham
Jack Cheatham as a policeman guarding the G-man and G-woman
Pat Gleason
Pat Gleason as Barney, one of the henchmen
Phil Dunham and Conrad Nagel
Phil Dunham, as bank bookkeeper Overman, is questioned by Conrad Nagel.
Phil Dunham
Phil Dunham, as the bank bookkeeper who is secretly engraving money to launder it.
Vince Barnett
Vince Barnett, the hapless newspaper photographer who is always getting himself into trouble.
Vince Barnett
Vince Barnett, as Clarence 'bulb' Callahan, bumbling newspaper photographer
Wheeler Oakman and Phil Dunham
Wheeler Oakman and Phil Dunham discuss plans as the G-man is closing in on them.
Wheeler Oakman
Wheeler Oakman as Joe Karlotti, nightclub owner and boss of the gangsters
William L. Thorne
William L. Thorne as the Police Inspector who bungles the case.
William L. Thorne
William L. Thorne as Police Inspector J.C. Macy
Wilma Francis and Frank Milan
Wilama Francis and Frank Milan - she doesn't know it, but he is one of the gangsters that her brother is after.
Wilma Francis
Wilma Francis as Kay O'Connor, sister to G-man Alan O'Connor
Wilson Benge and Conrad Nagel
Wilson Benge and Conrad Nagel discuss the reasons why the bank alarm never went off during the robbery.