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The Arizona Kid (September 29, 1939)

Roy Rogers is The Arizona Kid

Released on September 29, 1939: Outlaws are pretending to help the Confederacy during the Civil War, but are actually just robbing for themselves, and Roy Rogers is a Confederate officer that tries to stop them.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Roy Rogers, (Roy Rogers), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Gabby Whittaker), Sally March (Laura Radford), Stuart Hamblen (Val McBride), Dorothy Sebastian (Bess Warren), Robert Middlemass (General Stark), Earl Dwire (Dr. Jason Radford), David Kerwin (Dave Allen), Peter Fargo (henchman Sheldon), Fred Burns (Melton, volunteer), Ed Brady (the burned out rancher), Ed Cassidy (banker Morrison), Spade Cooley (Union soldier), Ben Corbett (one of the McBride henchmen), Art Dillard (one of the McBride henchmen), Jennifer Gray (young woman), Herman Hack (soldier), Jack Ingram (McBride raider Jones), Ted Mapes (one of the McBride henchmen), Frank McCarroll (McBride henchman), George Montgomery (soldier), James C. Morton (bartender Joe), Forbes Murray (Union Army Officer), Bill Nestell (McBride raider), Dave O'Brien (soldier), Hank Patterson (townsman), Jack Perrin (soldier), Tex Phelps (townsman), Ruth Robinson (townswoman), Francis Sayles (the man who reports that Roy is alive), Georgia Simmons (the woman who takes Roy in), Tom Smith (volunteer with Roy's group), Archie Twitchell (Lieutenant Fox), Lloyd Whitlock (man at dance)


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Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes are in Missouri at a party when they hear that Ft. Sumter has been fired on, and the Civil War is on. Roy signs up as a Confederate Soldier, and discovers that a band of outlaws has signed up as Confederate Soldiers, but instead of trying to help the South, they just plunder and kill ranchers for the loot. It is up to Roy and Gabby to capture the outlaws.

The Civil War started 150 years ago, and Roy Rogers would be 100 years old this year (2012), so it is a grand time to be watching this movie about both. It has a pretty good plot, lots of 'cowboy singing,' and even a pretty girl to get Roy's attention. This movie was made before Roy met Dale Evans, so the leading lady is young Sally March.