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The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (November 1, 1939)

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery

Released on November 1, 1939: (running time 1 hour and 22 minutes) Scotland Yard investigates murder on the football field.

Produced by Josef Somlo

Directed by Thorold Dickinson

The Actors: Leslie Banks (Scotland Yard Inspector Anthony Slade), Greta Gynt (Gwen Lee), Ian McLean (Sergeant Clinton), Liane Linden (Inga Larson), Anthony Bushell (John Doyce, Trojan team member), Esmond Knight (Raille, Trojan team member), Brian Worth (Philip Morring, Trojan team member), Richard Norris (Setchley, Trojan team member), Wyndham Goldie (Kindilett), Alastair MacIntyre (Carter), George Allison (himself), Tom Whittaker (himself), E.V.H. Emmett (himself), Dennis Wyndham (Commissionaire), David Keir (Doctor Meadow), Johnnie Schofield (Arsenal team doctor), Bruce Winston (composer), Maire O'Neill (housekeeper), Cliff Bastin (himself, Arsenal team member), Gordon Bremner (himself, Arsenal team member), Jack Crayston (himself, Arsenal team member), P.R. Crompton (Trojan team member), H.A. Davies (Trojan team captain), Ted Drake (himself, Arsenal team member), Alf Fields (himself, Arsenal team member), K. Goodyear (Trojan team member), Eddie Hapgood (himself, Arsenal team Captain), Bryn Jones (himself, Arsenal team member), Leslie Jones (himself, Arsenal team member), Alf Kirchen (himself, Arsenal team member), R.W. Lees (Trojan team member), W.J. Lewington (referee), George Male (himself, Arsenal team member), J.W. Naylor (Trojan team member), S. Schofield (Trojan team member), R. Sturdy (Trojan team member), George Swindin (himself, Arsenal team member), R. Woods (Trojan team member), Vincent Holman (coroner), Mike Johnson (programme seller), Vi Kaley (neighbor at window), Charles Rolfe (witness)


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