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Uptown New York (November 27, 1932)

Shirley Grey in Uptown New York

Released on November 27, 1932: A popular romantic novel drama brought to life on the big screen about an imperfect girl in an imperfect world.

Directed by Victor Schertzinger

The Actors: Jack Oakie (Eddie Doyle), Shirley Grey (Patricia Smith), Leon Ames (Max Silver), George Cooper (Al), Alexander Carr (Papa Silver), Raymond Hatton (slot machine king), Lee Moran (hotel clerk), Henry Armetta (Nick, restaurant proprietor), Ferike Boros (elderly woman), George Davis (waiter), Don DeLaun (bit part), Eddie Fetherston (bit part), William Gould (police desk sergeant), Harrison Greene (Herman, waiter), Harry Holman (Pappy, bartender), Maynard Holmes (bit part), Tom Kennedy (wrestling trainer), Hank Mann (man at wrestling match), Margaret Mann (elderly woman), Benny Petti (wrestling spectator), Russ Powell (wrestling spectator), Henry Roquemore (Mike, policeman), Rosa Rosanova (elderly Spanish woman), Alan Roscoe (bit part), Tammany Young (wrestling trainer), Wladek Zbyszko (wrestler).


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Guys, it is time for you to go outside and mow the grass, because this movie is for the ladies. Girls, before your man leaves the room, have him make you a big bowl of white kernel popcorn coated with tons of butter, and grab a box of Kleenex - you're gonna need them!

O.K. ladies, all set now? If you've ever been a fan of those novels with the picture of a bronze hunk on the cover, you will be ready for this romantic drama about a girl who just cannot seem to get together with the tall, handsome, wealthy man she loves. Pat (Patricia) and Max are deeply in love, and Max is about to become a doctor, and his parents arrange for him to marry a wealthy girl so that he can get the proper start in his medical career. Pat takes the news like a trooper and moves on. One day she gets locked into a restroom at a diner, and the owner asks one of his customers to help get her out. It seems that the door is stuck and she is trapped in there. Eddie sells gumballs from gum ball machines. He buys the machines, fills them with penny gumballs, and places them around New York. He gives the owner of the place where the gumball machine sits a quarter of a penny for every gumball sold, and he takes the rest of the profits. When Eddie helps Pat to escape from the restroom, he falls for her, head over heels. Now Pat is still in love with Max, but he is married so she is lonely.

Mike asks her out on a date, and she reluctantly accepts. His idea of a romantic date is to take her to a wrestling match in a large, smelly arena full of testosterone alpha men. But after being there a bit, Pat gets into the action and has quite a good time. This leads to that, and Pat agrees to marry Mike, because he loves her, and she has nothing else to do that day, so why not? But Max keeps finding Pat and trying to make her his mistress, so that they can continue their torrid love affair. Pat is torn, because while Mike is a good guy, and they have a bunch of fun together, he just doesn't light her fire. But Pat turns down Max's offers, and stays with Mike, determined to make a life with him. That is when fate and fortune turn their head and intervene . . . Pat is struck down by a truck and in need of emergency surgery, and who is the most talented surgeon in the city? Of course, her heart-throb Max. Max saves her life, and while at her bedside after the operattion once again asks Pat to come away with him. But this time he promises to divorce his wife and marry Pat properly. Before Pat can answer, Mike pops the door open, and without them noticing, hears Max's proposal, and sadly turns away. He writes Pat a note telling her that he is leaving her, and then sells his business so that he can pay her hospital bill. When Pat gets out of the hospital Mike is gone, and Max arranges to take her on an ocean cruise while they are getting a divorce.

Ah, but then the fates step in again, and . . .

Leon AmesNow, take a good look at Max the hunk romantic doctor . . . does he look a bit familiar? His movie career began just a year before this movie, in "Quick Millions." He was in many movies after this one, you will certainly know him as an older actor. In this movie his real name was Leon Waycoff, as shown on the credits screen. Three years after this movie, in 1935, he changed his name to Leon Ames, and you probably recognize him immediately from the later photo of him. He acted in many movies and television shows until he was 84 years old, appearing in the 1986 movie, "Peggy Sue Got Married." He was one of the original founders of the Screen Actors Guild, and was active until just before his death in 1993.