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In The Wake of the Bounty (unknown day, 1933)

Errol Flynn in Wake of the Bounty

Released in 1933: Errol Flynn's first motion picture, filmed in the South Seas by an Australian film company.

Directed by Charles Chauvel

The Actors: Errol Flynn (Fletcher Christian), Mayne Lynton (Lieutenant Bligh), Arthur Greenaway (narrator), Victor Gouriet (Michael Byrne, the blind fiddler), John Warwick (Midshipman Young), Patricia Penman (Isabella).


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Errol Flynn, one of the most famous actors of the early days of motion pictures claimed that he was Irish when he first went to Hollywood, becuase he thought that no one would know about the existence of Australia. He was born and raised in Australia. When Mutiny on the Bounty was filmed in 1935 with Charles Laughton and Clark Gable, Flynn always claimed that he acted in a Bounty movie in Australia in 1933 before he came to America, and that he was indeed a descendant of a midshipman from the Bounty. For a long time no evidence of this could be found, but today we have the movie that was made in 1933 with a very young Errol Flynn acting as Fletcher Christian. When I say it was a movie about the Bounty, it was, but it was as much a travel tour of the south sea islands as it was a dramatic story. Motion Pictures were still in their infancy in 1933, and even more so in Australia. While this first telling of the Bounty story isn't a rousing drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat, it is a historically valuable and fascinating film showing the descendants of the Bounty sailors on the island of Pitcairn Tahiti, including the adult grandson of Fletcher Christian.