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The House of Rothschild (April 7, 1934)

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The House of Rothschild

Released on April 7, 1934: The story of the Rothschild family's rise as financial leaders of Europe.

Directed by Alfred L. Werker and Sidney Lanfield

The Actors: George Arliss (Mayer Rothschild and Nathan Rothschild), Boris Karloff (Count Ledrantz), Loretta Young (Julie Rothschild), Robert Young (Captain Fitzroy), C. Aubrey Smith (Duke of Wellington), Arthur Byron (Baring), Helen Westley (Gudula Rothschild), Reginald Owen (Herries), Florence Arliss (Hannah Rothschild), Alan Mowbray (Prince Metternich), Holmes Herbert (Rowerth), Paul Harvey (Solomon Rothschild), Ivan F. Simpson (Amschel Rothschild), Noel Madison (Carl Roghschild), Murray Kinnell (James Rothschild), Georges Renavent (Count Talleyrand), Oscar Apfel (Prussian Officer), Lumsden Hare (Prince Regent), Leo McCabe (Amschel's Secretary), Gilbert Emery (Prime Minister), Charles E. Evans (Count Nesselrolde), Desmond Roberts (guest at reception hall), Earl McDonald (messenger in stock exchange), Lee Kohlmar (doctor), Ethel Griffies (guest at reception hall), William H. Strauss (messenger and guest at reception hall), Matthew Betz (Prussian guard), Reginald Sheffield (stock trader), Brandon Hurst (stock trader), Harold Minjir (stock trader), Horace Claude Cooper (stock trader), Crauford Kent (stock trader), C. Montague Shaw (stock trader), Harry Allen (stock trader), Gerald Pierce (Rothschild child), Milton Kahn (Rothschild child), George Offerman Jr. (Amschel Rothschild as a child), Cullen Johnson (Rothschild child), Bobbie La Manche (Rothschild child), Leonard Mudie (tax collector in Prussia).

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The Rothschild family lived in Prussia and papa Rothschild was a merchant trader that was able to prosper despite the onerous tax collector and the added burdons put upon all Jews in Prussia. But his best contribution to his legacy was the five sons that he and his wife brought into the world. In the days that they lived, the biggest problem that merchants faces was robbery on the highways as they transported the cash and goods that they needed to conduct business. on his death bed, papa Rothschild advised his five sons to each establish a bank in each of the five large capital cities of Europe. He told them that when a merchant needed to move money from one capital to another, instead of sending cash by couriers that would be robbed, they should simply send a note to the other to provide the cash, and thus trade with each other, keeping the accounts straight between them. Through the period of the wars of Napoleon the Rothschilds loaned Europe the cash that it needed to fight and conquor Napoleon.

A sub-plot is the romance of the daughter of the London son to an army officer that has a very difficult time getting the approval of her father for the union. Another interesting historical item is that although the majority of this motion picture is in black and white, the final minutes are in color, at a time when color was a very new and experimental thing. The history of Europe during the Napoleonic era as seen through the eyes of the House of Rothschild is well told in this historic saga.