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Green Eyes (June 15, 1934)

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Green Eyes

Released June 15, 1934: A wealthy man hosts a costume party at his mansion, but when he turns up dead, everyone is a suspect.

Directed by Richard Thorpe

The Actors: Shirley Grey (Jean Kester), Charles Starrett (Michael Tracy), Claude Gillingwater (Steven Kester), John Wray (Inspector Crofton), William Bakewell (Cliff Miller), Dorothy Revier (Fullmer), Stephen Chase (Mr. Pritchard), Ben Hendricks Jr. (Dr. Harrison), Arthur Clayton (Winthrop), Aggie Herring (Dora the housekeeper), Elmer Ballard (Frank), Edward Keane (Raynor), John Elliott (chemist), Robert Frazer (broker), Frank Hagney (motorcycle policeman), Frank LaRue (medical examiner), Edward LeSaint (banker), Lloyd Whitlock (Bertram F. Howe, the lawyer).


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Pop your corn and grab your soda before you start this classic old movie 'who-dunnit' - you'll need all of your wits to keep the characters straight and follow the clues. We have a wealthy old codger that for some reason decides to host a costume party at his estate. He has a pretty young granddaughter that has boyfriends that he doesn't approve of. Before the party begins, they have a heated exchange, and he threatens to cut her out of his will, and stop her allowance. She argues back that she doesn't care about his attempted control over her, and she wouldn't let him do to her what he did to her mother. We don't knwo what he did to his daughter, Jean's mother, but it probably figures into the mix somehow. Anyhow, before the party is over, a guest discovers the old codger in a hall closet with knive wounds, dead as a door-nail. Are door nails dead? Do doors have nails any more?

Anyway, the phone lines have been cut, the wires on all the cars except one have been cut, and granddaughter Jean is racing away from the scene with one of her boyfriends. When the cops get there, a hard-boiled detective starts asking questions of everyone. One of the guests is the author of crime novels, and we soon suspect that the copper will suspect the wrong person, and our detective/author friend will probably pull out the real killer showing us the clues that we missed. Will you miss the clues also? Can you figure out who dunnit? And the 'green eyes?" We'll see . . .