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Car of Dreams, 1935

Car of Dreams

Released in 1935: A young girl in London during the Great Depression window shops for a new Rolls Royce and not only gets the car, but the man of her dreams who owned the car.

Directed by Graham Cutts, and Austin Melford

The Actors: Grete Mosheim (Vera Hart), John Mills (Robert Miller), Norah Howard (Anne Fisher), Robertson Hare (Henry Butterworth), Mark Lester (Mr. Bill Miller senior), Margaret Withers (Mrs. Hart), Paul Graetz (Mr. Hart), Glennis Lorimer (Molly), Jack Hobbs (Peters, car salesman), Hay Plumb (chauffeur), Arthur Denton (butler).


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For a proper Cinderella love story you need plenty of misunderstandings between the prince and the pauper girl, taking us on a roller coaster ride until it looks like the young girl and the dashing boy will never get together. Then suddenly with a little movie magic the couple reconciles and lives happily ever after. If that is what you expect to see in this 1935 drama . . . you will not be disappointed. Be prepared, though, for a story with details and plot twists that are unlike any that I've seen in this kind of story. I was blown away with the sophistication of the plot and the kinds of confusion created by the authors that is unlike any other that I have seen. It starts with a beautiful new Rolls Royce convertible and a poor young girl that loves to window shop and pretend to purchase expensive things. One day she window-shops for for a new Rolls Royce that a wealthy young man has just purchased, the rich young man instantly falls in love with her. He secretly arranges to give her the car and then pretends to be her chauffeur, trying to get her to fall in love with him without knowing that he is wealthy. As you get involved with the story, you may notice two songs sung by Brits that are better actors than singers by far. But as they sing, listen to the words instead of the voices of the singers, because they are tailor-made for Great Depression era Londoners, and today almost a hundred years later, they resonate just as much. My advice to you as you watch this story is that you were built to believe, designed to receive, and born to go where no one ever has. Dream. Dream really BIG and get ready to experience the reality of your dreams.

Arthur Denton
Arthur Denton is the butler who will take Vera into the boss' office
Arthur Denton
Arthur Denton in Car of Dreams
Grete Mosheim and John Mills
Greta Mosheim meets John Mills at the new Rolls Royce convertible
Edmund Cobb
Grete Mosheim and Margaret Withers in Car of Dreams
Great Mosheim and Robertson Hare
Robertson Hare teaches new employee Grete Mosheim how to stamp the invoices one by one.
Grete Mosheim
Greta Mosheim in Car of Dreams
Jack Hobbs and John Mills
Jack Hobbs and John Mills
Jack Hobbs
Jack Hobbs in Car of Dreams
John Mills
John Mills as young Bob Miller, the richest bachelor in London
Margaret Withers in Car of Dreams
Margaret Withers as Mrs. Hart in Car of Dreams
Mark Lester
Mark Lester as Papa Hart in Car of Dreams
Norah Howard and Robertson
Norah Howard and Robertson Hare about to break into song in Car of Dreams
Norah Howard and Robertson Hare
Nora Howard and Robertson Hare
Paul Graetz and Hay Plumb
Paul Graetz and Hay Plumb in Car of Dreams
Paul Graetz
Paul Graetz in Car of Dreams