The Law of Contact

The Evil Mind (June 7, 1935)

Claude Rains in The Evil Mind

Released on June 7, 1935: A man seems to have a telepathic mind that can predict danger and distress.

Directed by Maurice Elvey

The Actors: Claude Rains (Maximus), Fay Wray (Rene), Mary Clare (Mother), Ben Field (Simon), Jane Baxter (Christine Shawn), Athole Stewart (Lord Southwood), C. Denier Warren (James J. Bimeter), Felix Aylmer (prosecutor), Donald Calthrop (derelict), Margaret Davidge (lodging housekeeper), Carleton Hobbs (racing commentator), Graham Moffatt (page boy), Jack Raine (customs officer), D.J. Williams (juror)


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The wonderful actor Claude Rains stars in this film with the beautiful Fay Wray and the equally beautiful Jane Baxter. You'll remember that Fay Wray came to fame as the love-interest of King Kong two years earlier in 1933. Maximus (Claude Rains), and his wife Rene (Fay Wray) have a mind-reading act that earns them a humble living on the theater circuit. One night when Rene can't get into position for the next trick, Maximus, about to be hounded off of the stage, makes a real prediction, and his mother remembers that her father had real clairvoiant powers. Later on a train trip to the next engagement, Maximus suddenly 'sees' that the train will wreck, and pulls the chord to stop the train. A few people get off the train with Maximus and his family, but most go on and the train soon crashes. One of the people that got off with Max and his family is a young beautiful daughter of London's largest newspaper. She becomes a devotee of Max and his powers, and wife Rene (Fay Raye) gets very jealous. Then when he predicts a disaster that kills many men, he is blamed for causing the disaster and taken to court.

Is the ability to forsee and predict the future a blessing or a curse? Is Christine the catalyst for Max's powers? Can he only see the future when Christine is near him? You can find out in 68 minutes . . .