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Revolt of the Zombies (June 4, 1936)

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Dean Jaggar in Revolt of the Zombies

Released June 4, 1936: An expedition heads into the jungles of French Cambodia to discover the secret of a regiment of Zombie soldiers that helped fight in World War One.

Directed by Victor Halperin

The Actors: Dorothy Stone (Claire Duval), Dean Jagger (Armand Louque), Roy D'Arcy (General Mazovia), Robert Noland (Clifford Grayson), George Cleveland (General Duval), E. Alyn Warren (Dr. Trevissant), Carl Stockdale (Ignacio and Max MacDonald), William Crowell (Priest Tsiang), Teru Shimada (Buna), Adolph Milar (General von Schelling), Sana Rayya (dancer), Bela Lugosi (the eyes), Selmer Jackson (officer), Hans Schumm (German soldier).


The Law of Contact

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