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Forbidden Music (October 8, 1936)

Jimmy Durante in Forbidden Music

Released on October 8, 1936: The true story of a Princess who outlaws music in her kingdom, and the Police Chief who smuggles musical instruments to the peasants

Produced by Max Schach

Directed by Walter Forde

The Actors: Richard Tauber (Mario Carlini), Diana Napier (Princess-Regent Maria Renata ), Jimmy Durante (Jonah J. Whistler), June Clyde (Sadie Whistler), Derrick De Marney (Rudolpho Strozzi), George Hayes (Police Colonel Strozzi), Esme Percy (Austrian Ambassador), John Hepworth (Pedro), Edward Rigby (the Maestro), George Carney (prison warder), Ivan Wilmot (chief bandit), Robert Nainby (Minister for War), Joe Monkhouse (Finance Minister), Quentin McPhearson (Customs Officer), Evelyn Ankers (a lady of the court), Mike Johnson (citizen playing the Jew's harp), Andreas Malandrinos (innkeeper), Ben Williams (soldier at court)


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