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Oh Mr. Porter (October 15, 1937)

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Will Hay in Oh, Mr Porter

Released on October 15, 1937: Will Hay is at his comedy best as the station master of the Buggleskelly railroad station that is haunted by the ghost of an angry dead man.

Directed by Marcel Varnel

The Actors: Will Hay (William Porter), Moore Marriott (Jeremiah Harbottle), Graham Moffatt (Albert), Sebastian Smith (Mr. Trimbletow), Agnes Lauchlan (Mrs. Trimbletow), Percy Walsh (Superintendant), Dennis Wyndham (Grogan), Dave O'Toole (the postman), Frank Atkinson (irate Irishman in Barney's Bar), Bryan Herbert (Express Train Guard), Betty Jardine (bit part), Frederick Lloyd (official at opening ceremony), Frederick Piper (Mr. Leadbetter, railway official), Charles Rolfe (express train driver), Beatrice Varley (Barney's Bar landlady).

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British comedian Will Hay is at it again, this time he becomes the train Stationmaster of the small country town of Buggleskelly. It seems that his sister is married to a wealthy man on the board of the railway, and Will is given a job on the railway to keep his older sister happy. During the ceremonial dedication of a new engine, he ruins the event by opening the water pipe above the dignitaries, soaking them to the bone. As the dust settles, his sister demands that her brother Will be given a better job, or he would leave the railway and live with them. Well, her hubby will have no part of bringing Will to live with them, so they find an opening for a stationmaster in the remote village of Buggleskelly. This little country town cannot keep a stationmaster longer than a few months. One of the past staionmasters went mad, another died, and another disappeared and was never seen again. But Will Porter rushes in where others fear to tread. You see, the locals tell of the ghost of "One-Eye Joe," a man that was wronged by the railway when it was built, and there is a curse on that station now, and no stationmaster survives for long. After the usual laughs with the incompetent Will Hay and his sidekicks, he uncovers a gun running operation using the area and the haunting legend to conceal their activities. Pop a big bowl of white-kernel corn and prepare to laugh at one of Englan's funniest men of the last century. This episode of Will Hay's comedy includes a legendary physical comedy scene involving a windmill that will have you dizzy with excitement!