The Law of Contact

The Shadow Strikes (October 29, , 1937)

The Shadow Strikes

Released on October 29, 1937: When The Shadow stops the attempted burglary of a lawyer's office, he accidentally gets involved in the murder of one of the lawyer's clients.

Directed by Lynn Shores

The Actors: Rod La Rocque (Lamont Cranston), Agnes Anderson (Marcia Delthern), James Blakeley (Jasper Delthern), Walter McGrail (Winstead Comstock), Bruce Kellogg (Humphrey Comstock), Cy Kendall (Brossett), Kenneth Harlan (Captain Breen), Norman Ainsley (Henddricks), John St. Polis (Caleb Delthern), Wilson Benge (Wellington), John Carnivale (Warren Berranger), James C. Morton (Kelly), John Dilson (Bill Gordon), John Elliott (Chester Randall), Harry Harvey (first reporter), Lew Hicks (policeman), Jack Ingram (Red Hogan, safecracker), Blackie Whiteford (gunman).


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There is nothing better on a dark and stormy night than a great murder mystery, and one with a 'Super Hero' is even better. Cranston Lamont is a wealthy young man that assumes the secret identity of 'The Shadow' - a man that uses strange powers to delve into the minds of men to solve crime. His ultimate quest as The Shadow is to discover who killed his father, who was a great lawyer that helped to bust up crime and the crime bosses in town. He has the bullet, but has never found another like it. Continuing his father's crusade against crime, he assumes the identity of a shadowy crime-busting sleuth, disappearing into the night before anyone can determine just who he is. This night he is breaking up the burglery of the safe of a local well-known lawyer. He enters the dark office of the lawyer and stops the burglers, holding them at gunpoint while calling the police. He wants to quietly leave as the police arrive, to protect his identity, but a suspicious policeman holds him there and questions him. Lamont thinks quickly and instead of revealing that he is either Cranston Lamont or The Shadow, he assumes the identity of the lawyer whos office has been burgled. But before he can leave with the officer, the phone rings, and Lamont must pick it up and continue his masquerade as the lawyer. The phone call is from a new client that insists on meeting with the lawyer immediately, and Lamont must keep the appointment to put off any suspicion.

At the new client's home, Lamont learns that the old fellow wants his will rewritten, and he wants it done on the spot. He has no children, and the bulk of his estate will go to the eldest surviving relative when he dies. There are several neices and nephews in line for his fortune, most of them living in the estate. Lamont starts to write a new will, and just as the old man is telling him that Marcia should be disinherited if she marries Warren, a shot rings out and the man falls dead. Now the police arrive, and Lamont must continue his impersonation of the lawyer, but things get sticky fast as the potential heirs start arriving home, each with an alibi better than the last. Is it Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, or maybe Warren, the fellow that wants to marry Marsha, or one of the other characters in line for the fortune that plugged the old man? Who exactly is this Warren, and who is his papa? Will The Shadow get caught in his impersonation of a lawyer? What does the gambling joint hood have to do with this? How did Cranston Lamont get such a talented servant / side-kick? Where is that bowl of popcorn with the hot buttery topping that I made before I started watching? Surely I haven't eaten it all yet? I still don't know who the killer is, and my popcorn bowl is empty - that is the great crime! You'll certainly have a good time following The Shadow as he deftly makes his way through this fine mess!