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Helltown, Born to the West (December 10, 1937)

Hell Town

Released on December 10, 1937: Dare (John Wayne) takes a shine to his buddie's girlfriend, but when his buddy hires him to head up a cattle drive, Dare loses the front money to some cardsharks and makes a bad impression on the lady.

Directed by Charles Barton

The Actors: John Wayne (Dare Rudd), Marsha Hunt (Judy Worstall), Johnny Mack Brown (Tom Fillmore), Alan Ladd (brand inspector), John Patterson (Lynn Hardy), Monte Blue (Bart Hammond), Lucien Littlefield (John the cattle buyer), Syd Saylor (Dinkey Dooley), Nick Lukats (Jim Fallon, henchman/rustler), James Craig (Brady, card sharp), Johnny Boyle (Sam), Jack Kennedy (Sheriff Pete Starr), Lee Prather (the lightning rod salesman), Jack Daley (card player), Vester Pegg (bartender 2), Earl Dwire (cowhand), Al Ferguson (bartender 1), Art Mix (trail hand), Jim Thorpe (barfly).


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