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The Divorce of Lady X (January 15, 1938)

Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier in The Divorce of Lady X

Released January 15, 1938: A romantic comedy mix-up with a divorce lawyer and the lady he loves.

Directed by Tim Whelan

The Actors: Merle Oberon (Leslie Steele / Lady Claire Mere), Laurence Olivier (Edward Logan), Binnie Barnes (Lady Claire Mere), Ralph Richardson (Lord Mere), Morton Selten (Lord Steele), J.H. Roberts (Slade), Gertrude Musgrove (Saunders the maid), Gus McNaughton (room service waiter), H.B. Hallam (Jeffries the butler), Eileen Peel (Mrs. Johnson), Joan Benham (lady wearing blue gown with large crystal necklace), Lewis Gilbert (Tom), Hal Gordon (taxi driver), Edward Lexy (Peters, club attendant), Hugh McDermott (bit part), Eva Moore (lady), Michael Rennie (bit part), Victor Rietti (hotel manager), Patricia Roc (bit part), C. Denier Warren (Royal Park hotel clerk).


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