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Bulldog Drummond's Bride (July 12, 1939)

Bulldog Drummond's Bride

Released July 12, 1939: (running time 56 minutes) Bulldog Drummond's wedding day is delayed by a bank robbery in London.

Directed by James P. Hogan

The Actors: John Howard (Captain Hugh C. 'Bulldog' Drummond), Heather Angel (Phyllis Clavering), H.B. Warner (Colonel Nielson), Reginald Denny ('Algy' Longworth), E.E. Clive ('Tenny' Tennison), Elizabeth Patterson (Aunt Blanche), Eduardo Ciannelli (Henri Armides), Gerald Hamer (Garvey), John Sutton (Inspector Tredennis), Neil Fitzgerald (Evan Barrows), Louis Mercier (Mayor Dupres), Adia Kuznetzoff (Gaston), Adrienne D'Ambricourt (Therese), Clyde Cook (traffic control Constable), George Davis (Gaoler), Jacques Lory (clerk of court), John Power (omnibus driver), Wyndham Standing (ambulance driver), David Torrence (bank official)


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Ace Detective Bulldog Drummond is at it again. He is supposed to get married in ten days to his lovely fiance Phyllis, but a London bank robbery gets in the way. They are on their way to look at their new flat that is being readied for them when they return from their wedding that will take place in the small village of Targemont, France. But the bank near their flat is robbed, and the robber flees to Bulldog Drummond's new flat and pretends to be a mad painter to escape the police blockade. He has hidden the money from the bank robbery in the new radio in Bulldog Drummond's new flat, and will return later to get the loot. Unfortunately the radio makes it's way to Targemont, France before the crook can retrieve it. As the adventure moves to France, we find Bulldog Drummond chasing the crooks, and Phyllis and her aunt chasing Bulldog. Will the marriage really take place, at last? Will Bulldog grab the crooks and retrieve the bank's money? Will the wise-cracking aunt have the best line in the flick as they discover that Bulldog Drummond has escaped from the Targemont jail? . . . You Betcha!