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Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (March 29, 1939)

John Howard in Bulldog's Secret Police

Released September 20, 1939: Bulldog Drummond is going to get married tomorrow . . . if he can keep from getting involved in a murder mystery and a hidden treasure.

Directed by James P. Hogan

The Actors: John Howard (Captain Hugh C. 'Bulldog' Drummond), Heather Angel (Phyllis Clavering), H.B. Warner (Colonel Nielson), Reginald Denny ('Algy' Longworth), E.E. Clive ('Tenny' Tennison), Elizabeth Patterson (Aunt Blanche), Leo G. Carroll (Henry Seaton, alias Albert Boulton), Forrester Harvey (Professor Downie), Clyde Cook (Constable Hawkins), David Clyde (Constable Jenkins), Neil Fitzgerald (the Rockingham Stationmaster), Elspeth Dudgeon (Mrs. Thomas the housekeeper), Jimmy Aubrey (passage workman), Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian (moving man), J. Carrol Naish (archive footage in Bulldog's dream), Gerald Rogers (Police Sergeant Peters), Dick Rush (moving man), Wyndham Standing (the wedding Master of Ceremonies), David Thursby (passage workman), Harry Wilson (moving man).


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The 'villain vs Bulldog Drummond' scene near the end reminds me of the short serials shown before movies with the hero facing what seems to be certain death, just to be miraculously saved at the last second. Good stuff. I have about a half dozen 'Bulldog Drummond' movies to post, most of them earlier than this one, but this one came up first for my upload list. Besides being a pretty good murder mystery, I enjoyed the comic relief, British style, mostly physical comedy, instead of the American comic relief in movies like 'The Thin Man' series which was mostly wit/pun humor.

Bulldog Drummond takes his fiancee and her aunt to his home the day before the wedding, and discover that long ago a million pounds was hidden somewhere in the family estate, in a hidden tunnel. The assistant for a scientist that has stumbled onto the secret tries to find the treasure before anyone else, and kills several people in the process. After watching and enjoying this one, I still don't know what the 'Secret Police' reference in the title refers to - if you spot it, let me know, ok? Don't take the plot too seriously in this one, it isn't real complicated. Just enjoy an hour of good acting and a fine story!