In Old Caliente (June 19, 1939)

Roy Rogers In Old Caliente

Released on June 19, 1939: Roy Rogers and Gabby are accused of a crime committed by a local gang of outlaws, and must clear themselves.

Director: Joseph Kane

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Lynne Roberts (Jean), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Gabby), Jack La Rue (Sujarno), Katherine DeMille (Rita Vargas), Frank Puglia (Don Jose Vargas), Harry Woods ('Curly' Calkins), Paul Marion (Carlos Vargas), Ethel Wales (Aunt Felicia), Merrill McCormick (Pedro), Chuck Baldra (smelter worker), Ralph Bucko (Vaquero), Roy Bucko (Vaquero), Fred Burns (settler), Jim Corey (Curly's henchman), Anna Demetrio (the Duena), Herman Hack (settler), Ted Mapes (Curly's henchman), George Montgomery (Curly's henchman), Bill Nestell (smelter foreman), Tom Smith (settler), Al Taylor (Curly's henchman), Blackie Whiteford (settler), Henry Wills (henchman).


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