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Irish Luck (August 22, 1939)

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Frankie Darro in Irish Luck

Released on August 22, 1939: When a lady is accused of murder in a big hotel, bell boy Buzzy O'Brien comes to her aid in this detective murder mystery.

Director: Howard Bretherton

The Actors: Frankie Darro (Buzzy O'Brien), Dick Purcell (Steve Lanahan), Lillian Elliott (Mrs. O'Brien), Dennis Moore (Jim Monahan), James Flavin (hotel detective Fluger), Sheila Darcy (Kitty Monahan), Mantan Moreland (Jefferson), Ralph Peters (Detective Jenkins), Tristram Coffin (Mr. Mace, the hotel desk clerk), Pat Gleason (Banning the bond robber), Gene O'Donnell (bond robber), Donald Kerr (reporter), Howard M. Mitchell (hotel manager), Aloha Wray (dancer), Morgan Brown (hotel waiter), Mike Donovan (Mike the cop), Raoul Freeman (photographer), Maxine Leslie (rehearsing actress), Wilbur Mack (rehearsing actor), Claire Rochelle (telephone operator), Stephen Soldi (detective).


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Buzzy O'Brien is an Irish bell-hop at a large New York City hotel, and he likes to snoop around and play amateur detective. His dad was a policeman, and he is always trying to solve crimes in the hotel, despite the cops and the hotel manager warning him to mind his own business. It seems that there is a ring of crooks stealing valuable bonds and passing them to fences in the hotel, and after a couple of deaths, Buzzy is up to his neck in trouble, and must somehow find the ringleader of the gang.

The plot isn't terribly intense, you don't need to keep all of the facts straight to enjoy this one. Just sit back, munch your popcorn, and enjoy a light adventure from 1939 that showcases some wonderful cars and firetrucks and police cars from 1939, and also features some veteran actors. James Flavin, the hotel detective is in many movies of the period, along with Mantan Moreland, Tristram Coffin and Donald Kerr. Aloha Wray is listed in the credits as a dancer, but her scenes were deleted from the final cut. Frankie Darro, the star of this movie, married Aloha this same year, and possibly he intervened to get her dancing scene cut from the movie? I can find very little information about Aloha, I wonder if she was a sister to famous Fay Wray, who was 10 years older than Aloha?