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Rough Riders Round Up (March 13, 1939)

Roy Rogers in Rough Riders' Roundup

Released on March 13, 1939: Roy and his friends join the Arizona border patrol, and uncover a gold smuggling ring from Mexico, but are captured and almost killed.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), Lynne Roberts (Dorothy Blair), Raymond Hatton (Rusty Coburn), Eddie Acuff (Tommy Ward), William Pawley (Arizona Jack Moray), Dorothy Sebastian (Rose), George Meeker (George Lanning), Guy Usher (Mr. Blair), Hank Bell (Border Patrolman), Fred Burns (first stage coach driver), Alan Cavan (officer), George Chesebro (henchman Mosby), Dorothy Christy (Rusty's dancing partner), Jim Corey (henchman), George DeNormand (henchman), Art Dillard (rough rider), Frank Ellis (waiter), Oscar Gahan (musician) Augie Gomez (Juan), Chick Hannan (barfly), Al Haskell (henchman), Soledad Jimenez (old squaw), I. Stanford Jolley (Cantina barfly), Fred Kelsey (agitator), Jack Kirk (Jim Horn), Chris-Pin Martin (Ramon), Frank McCarroll (rough rider), Merrill McCormick (henchman), John Merton (border patrol messenger), Art Mix (patrolman), George Montgomery (Post Telegrapher Joe), Bill Nestell (henchman), Fred Parker (post clerk), Pascale Perry (Cantina barfly), George Plues (second stage coach driver), Bob Reeves (henchman), Duncan Renaldo (Don Enriguez), Jack Rockwell (Captain Grover Harrison), Evelyn Selbie (Mexican fortune teller), Tom Smith (border patrolman), Glenn Strange (henchman Boggs), Eddy Waller (bit part), Blackjack Ward (henchman), Dan White (border patrolman), Jay Wilsey (barfly).


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