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Trapped in Tia Juana (August 15, 1932)

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Trapped in Tia Juana

Released on August 15, 1932: A young lady is kidnapped and falls in love with infamous bandit El Zorro, not knowing that is is the long lost twin brother of her fiancé.

Produced by Fanchon Royer

Directed by Wallace Fox

The Actors: Edwina Booth (Dorothy Brandon), Duncan Renaldo (Lieutenant Kenneth Holbert, and El Zorro), Dot Farley (Dorothy's Aunt Emma), Joseph W. Girard (Captain Holbert, Ken's father), Manuel Paris (Lopez), Frank Lanning (the Yaqui Bandit), Henry Roquemore (banker Lee), Arthur Thalasso (bank guard Billy), Monte Vandergrift (orderly), Edward Peil Sr. (Captain Davis)


Free Download of the classic movie Trapped in Tia Juana

Trapped-in-Tia-Juana-1932.mp4 (521mb - 720x526)

Trapped-in-Tia-Juana-1932-720p.mp4 (1.1gb - 986x720)



Edwina Booth and Duncan Renaldo
Edwina Booth and Duncan Renaldo
Edwina Booth
Anne Gwynne
Frank Lanning
Frank Lanning
Joseph W. Girard and Dot Farley
Joseph W. Girard and Dot Farley