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Zane Grey's To The Last Man (September 15, 1933)

Randolph Scott in Zane Grey's To The Last Man

Released September 15, 1955: The U.S. Civil War is over, but the war between the Hayden's and the Colby's rages on in this Zane Grey drama.

Directed by Henry Hathaway

The Actors: Randolph Scott (Lynn Hayden), Esther Ralston (Ellen Colby), Jack La Rue (Jim Daggs), Buster Crabbe (Bill Hayden), Barton MacLane (Neil Stanley), Noah Beery (Jed Colby), Gail Patrick (Ann Hayden Stanley), Egon Brecher (Mark Hayden), Muriel Kirkland (Molly Hayden), Fuzzy Knight (Jeff Morley), James Eagles (Eli Bruce), Eugenie Besserer (Granny Spelvin), Harlan Knight (Grandpa Chet Spelvin), Jay Ward (Lynn Hayden as a child), Erville Alderson (the judge), Tom Bay (wounded Hayden man), James Burke (Sheriff), Rosita Butler (Ann Hayden as a child), John Carradine (Pete Garon), Harry Cording (Colby man Fred), William Gillis (Hayden man), Cullen Johnson (Bill Hayden as a child), Ethan Laidlaw (Colby man), Jim Mason (Colby man Joe), Russ Powell (Greaves), Dick Rush (prison guard), Shirley Temple (Mary Stanley), Blackjack Ward (Colby man), Delmar Watson (Tad Stanley), Maston Williams (Colby man).


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If you enjoy a real, authentic look at early America, you need go no further than to a Zane Grey story. His tales of life in the lawless days of pioneering are classic looks at the way of life in young America. The people seem more real, and less 'actor' than most cowboy movies, and the story lines are complex, blurring the line between good and evil. In this epic adventure the movie begins with the ending of the Civil War. As men wearily head back to their homes, we follow one man that goes to his old Kentucky home with a resolution. His family has been feuding with the neighbors and killing each other for longer than the Civil War, but he wants to end the feud, just as the Civil War has ended. He plans to take what he can of his family and move west, away from the feuding, to a new life of peace and prosperity. But it will not be as easy as he imagines.

Before he can leave the Kentucky valley that is home to the feuding Hayden's and Colby's, garandpa is shot and killed by a Colby. Instead of killing a Colby in retaliation, he goes to the law, and the killer is put in prison for 15 years. Fast forward fifteen years, and the Colby man is getting out of prison, and with his daughter and a man he met in prison, they move near the Hayden's new home outside the Kentucky valley and systematically rob them of their cattle and horses, and occasionally shooting one of them. The Hayden man still refuses to strike back at the Colby's preferring peace instead of war. One day Lynn Hayden returns to the ranch, but before he gets home he runs into the daughter of the Colby man, and there is instant attraction . . . until they discover that one is a Hayden, and one is a Colby. The adventure that unfolds from here is a rousing story of conflict and resolution from the early days of American pioneers that you don't want to miss.

Pop some corn, drizzle on some melted butter, and you will enjoy not only a tale of early America, but a peek at stars of the future, including a very young Shirley Temple, Randolph Scott, John Carradine, Buster Crabbe, Noah Beery, and more!