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Waltzes from Vienna (March 7, 1934)

Waltzes from Vienna

Released on March 7, 1934: Alfred Hitchcock directed this story of the lives of Johann Strauss the elder and Johann Strauss the younger.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

The Actors: Esmond Knight (Johann Strauss, the younger), Jessie Matthews (Rasi), Edmund Gwenn (Johann Strauss the elder), Fay Compton (Countess Helga von Stahl), Frank Vosper (Prince Gustav), Robert Hale (Ebezeder), Marcus Barron (Drexter), Charles Heslop (Valet), Betty Huntley-Wright (lady's maid), Hindle Edgar (Leopold), Sybil Grove (Mme. Fouchette), Bill Shine (Carl), Bertram Dench (engine driver), B.M. Lewis (Domeyer), Cyril Smith (secretary), John Singer (boy).


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