The Mystery Man (February 12, 1935)

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The Mystery Man

Released on February 12, 1935: A hot shot Chicago reporter winds up in St. Louis and meets the woman of his dreams, but he needs to clear himself of murder charges before he can ask her to marry him.

Directed by Ray McCarey

The Actors: Robert Armstrong (Larry Doyle), Maxine Doyle (Anne Ogilvie), Henry Kolker (Ellwyn A. 'Jo-Jo' Jonas), LeRoy Mason (The Eel, ganster), James Burke (managing editor Marvin), Guy Usher (District Attorney Johnson), James P. Burtis (Whalen), Monte Collins (Dunn, reporter), Sam Lufkin (Weeks), Otto Fries (Nate, pawnbroker), Norman Houston (T. Fulton Whistler), Dell Henderson (Mr. Clark, hotel manager), Lee Shumway (plainclothes cop), Sam Flint (Jerome Roberts, publisher), Stanley Blystone (bar waiter), Fred Kelsey (policeman), Rollo Lloyd (reporter), Bruce Mitchell (traffic cop), Frank O'Connor (train depot waiter), Herb Vigran (fingerprint man).

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Our movie opens as Larry Doyle, hot shot reporter for a big Chicago newspaper arrives at his editor's office to get an award from the Mayor's office. He is given a citation and a new shiny revolver, compliments of the Mayor, for his help in nabbing local gangster . . . hey . . . does this sound familiar? This movie was re-made seven years later by a different movie company with slightly different details, but the same plot, in the 1942 motion picture "Man From Headquarters."

Watch this one first, then watch the re-make, and let me know which you like better. I like the hotel manager in the 1942 version better than this one, but the rest of the cast and the plot details of this one are better than the 1942 version. I also think that the leading couple have better chemistry in this one - Maxine Doyle plays to Armstrong in a really believable and lovable way.