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Captured in Chinatown (July, 1935)

Tarzan, Police Dog, in Captured in Chinatown

Released July, 1934: (running time 53 minutes) Tarzan the Police Dog helps his reporter owner to solve the theft of jewels in Chinatown and prevent another deadly family feud from erupting.

Directed by Robert F. Hill

The Actors: Charles Delaney (Bob Martin), Marion Shilling (Anne Seton), Tarzan (Tarzan, police dog), Philo McCullough (Raymond), Paul Ellis (Zamboni), Robert Walker (Harry, henchman), Bobby Nelson (Bobby, newsboy), John Elliott (Butler, the city editor), Bo Ling (Joy Ling), James B. Leong (Wong), Wing Foo (Tom Wong), Paul C. Fong (Lieu Ling), Jack Cheatham (cop), Richard Loo (Ling hatchet man), Milburn Morante (reporter at polo game), George Morrell (reporter).


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