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Rich Relations (February 1, 1937)

Nancy Tilton in Rich Relations

Released on February 1, 1937: Nancy Tilton gets a job as a stenographer and is wooed by a suave 'ladies man' but it is really the boss that loves her for herself.

Directed by Clifford Sanforth

The Actors: Ralph Forbes (Dave Walton), Frances Grant (Nancy Tilton), Barry Norton (Don Blair), Muriel Evans (Trixie Lane), Franklin Pangborn (Mr. Dwight), Wesley Barry (Albert), Jeanie Roberts (Buddy), Crauford Kent (Mr. Colby), Ethel Clayton (Mrs. Blair), Donald Kirke (unknown), Mary Carr (unknown), Ed Lawrence (unknown), Irving White (unknown), Gertrude Astor (unknown), Harry Myers (unknown), Mary MacLaren (unknown), Rosemary Theby (unknown), Edward Biby (unknown), Vera Steadman (unknown).


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When two women want the same man, Ohhhh boy, will the sparks fly! This romantic adventure between two men and two ladies shows us the lengths that young men and women on the hunt will go through to get what they want. Toss in a fake, or maybe not a fake member of a wealthy family, and we have an excellent story of loves won and loves lost, so pop a big bowl of warm, buttered white kernel popcorn and get ready for love, lies. laughter and determined ladies fighting for the same man.

Let's get the players straight, and then you will have all you need to enjoy this romantic adventure. Our movie opens as we meet Nancy Tilton, a young redhead from a small town trying to find a job in New York City. When the hiring man is talking to her (our favorite character actor Franklin Pangborn) he assumes that Nancy is related to the wealthy Chicago Tiltons, and she doesn't correct him, although she knows that she is from a poor family in a small town. She gets the job, and as soon as she is settled in at her typewriter, dandy Don Blair, suave and debonaire, slides over to her desk and immediately starts flirting with her. Later Nancy is approached by Trixie, a blonde bombshell working on the other side of the room that is engaged to Don. Trixie knows that Don will chase anything in a skirt, but Don is HER man, and she tells Nancy that she will never have Don, because she will see to it that Don stays with her. Now we have another guy in this one, the boss. He is a likable fellow, but far from suave with the ladies. He tries to woo Nancy, but it appears that he just doesn't have enough excitement in his life to keep her interested. Don is a wild thing, and Nancy likes him, and thinks that she can have Don if she wants him, and the fight is on between Nancy and Trixie over Don.

After some good give and take between the girls over Don, and some clumsy efforts by Dave the boss to date Nancy, Trixie pulls the best stunt yet by framing Nancy for stealing a purse at the office, and Nancy loses her job. Then things pile up against Nancy when the Tiltons get back from Europe and discover that a young 'working girl' is an imposter to the wealthy Tilton family. Nancy is put in jail, and must answer to the District Attorney about her false claims to be a Tilton. You see, Nancy's father, John Tilton, deserted her mother while Nancy was a baby, and she was brought up without a father, and surely this John Tilton couldn't be one of THE Tiltons, right? Hmmm. Anyway, things keep going down hill for Nancy when she is accused of stealing $50,000 from the firm that fired her, and she has no alibi. It looks like Trixie will get her man, and Nancy will go to prison unless something miraculous happens. And we all know that miracles only happen in the movies. Oh, wait, this is a movie, isn't it?