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Nothing Sacred (November 26, 1937)

Carole Lombard and Fredric March in Nothing Sacred

Released November 26, 1937: Fredric March is a hot-shot New York newspaper reporter that brings small town terminally ill Hazel Flagg to the big city to enjoy her final days, but discovers that her diagnosis is wrong, and she isn't going to die soon.

Produced by David O. Selznick

Directed by W. Lee Wilder

The Actors: Carole Lombard (Hazel Flagg), Fredric March (Wally Cook), Charles Winninger (Dr. Enoch Downer), Walter Connolly (Oliver Stone), Sig Ruman (Dr. Emil Eggelhoffer), Frank Fay (Master of Ceremonies), Troy Brown Sr. (Ernest Walker), Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom (Max Levinsky), Margaret Hamilton (drugstore lady), Olin Howland (baggage man), Raymond Scott Quintet (Novelty Swing Music), Raymond Scott (band leader), Monica Bannister (Pocahontas), Billy Barty (boy that bites Wally's ankle), Everett Brown (policeman), Helen Brown (secretary), Allan Cavan (guest at banquet), Nora Cecil (schoolteacher), Shirley Chambers (Lady Godiva), George Chandler (photographer), Rudolph Chavers (one of Walker's kids), Louise Clark (Walker's girl), John Dilson (the city editor), Ann Doran (telephone girl), Betty Douglas (Helen of Troy), Claire Du Brey (nurse Rafferty), Bill Dunn (theatre electrician), Jinx Falkenburg (Katinka), Emily Fitzroy (guest at banquet), Bess Flowers (nightclub extra), A.J. Haysel (copy editor), Tenen Holtz (tearful waiter), Hedda Hopper (dowager on ship), Philip-Hurlic (one of Walker's kids), Tiny Jones (Vermont townswoman), Eddie Kane (guest at banquet), Leonard Kibrick (older red haired boy chorister), Sidney Kibrick (boy choirister with squirrel), Leonid Kinskey (Ferdinand Roassare), Charles Lane (Rubenstein), Art Lasky (Mug), Vera Lewis (Miss Sedgewick), Dolores Lilly (one of Walker's kids), Monica Lyman (Salome), Edwin Maxwell (Mr. Bullock), Hattie McDaniel (Mrs. Walker), Mickey McMasters (boxing referee), Alex Melesh (man with bad toupee), Betty Miles (horsewoman), Ben Morgan (wrestler), Miki Morita (guest at banquet), Alex Novinsky (Dr. Felix Marachuffsky), Bob Perry (newspaper circulation slugger), Lee Phelps (theatre electrician), Aileen Pringle (Mrs. Bullock), John Qualen (fireman), Dick Rich (Moe Levinsky), Charles Richman (the mayor), Tom Ricketts (guest at banquet), Cyril Ring (pilot), Dorothy Rogers (Pocahontas), Alexander Schoenberg (Dr. Friedrich Kerchinwisser), Audrey Scott (Lady Godiva), Kathryn Sheldon (Doctor Downer's nurse), Charles Sherlock (printer), Hans Steinke (wrestler), A.W. Sweatt (office boy), Bobby Tracy (ring announcer), Elinor Troy (Catherine the Great), Vivian Valdez (horsewoman), Hilda Vaughn (Mrs. Cartwright the Chief Ranger), Walter Walker (E.J. Southern), Ernest Whitman (policeman), Johnny Williams (himself, member of Quintet), Clarence Wilson (Mr. Watson), Florence Wix (dowager in night club), Monty Woolley (Dr. Oswald Vunch).


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Carole Lombard was the first 'dumb blonde' and invented the genre of 'screwball comedy' with her honest, likable but zany portrayals. Just a year before this she was the comedy heroine in "My Man Godfrey," one of my all time favorite motion pictures, playing opposite her ex-husband William Powell. In this Selznick International comedy she and veteran leading man Fredric March fall in love after plenty of deceit and trickery on both their parts.

Carole Lombard plays Hazel Flagg, a small town girl from Vermont that the local country doctor has diagnosed with radium poisoning, with no cure and only months to live. Wally Cook is an ace newspaper reporter from New York that needs a big story to revive his career, and he plans on going to Vermont to get Hazel and bring her to New York City and have the paper wine and dine her for her final days, and printing all of the sob-story details in the newspaper. All well and good, except that the doctor now discovers that he made a mistake, and Hazel isn't dying after all. But when Wally promises her the moon and New York City, Hazel decides to fake her illness for a while and enjoy getting out of small town Vermont for once. The doctor, cheated out of a ten thousand dollar prize for an essay that he wrote for the same newspaper many years ago, decides to go along and reinforce her story . . . as long as the paper pays him ten thousand dollars for his trouble.

What follows is some of the best tear-jearking, slapstick comedy of misadventures to ever hit the big screen, with Carole playing her part to the hilt. Pop a big bowl of hot buttered corn and get ready to laugh till you cry, because this one will take the blues away and bring on the smiles.