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Convict 99 (June, 1938)

Will Hay in Convict 99

Released in June, 1938: Will Hay is an incompetent headmaster who loses his job, and mistakenly gets a new job as the head of a prison, but is mistaken for a dangerous criminal when he arrives.

Directed by Marcel Varnel

The Actors: Will Hay (Dr. Benjamin Twist), Moore Marriott (Jerry the Mole), Graham Moffatt (Albert Brown), Roddy McDowall (Jimmy), Googie Withers (Lottie), Peter Gawthorne (Sir Cyril), Basil Radford (Deputy Governor), Dennis Wyndham (head warder), Wilfred Walter (Max Slessor), Alf Goddard (Sykes), Garry Marsh (Johnson), Basil McGrail (Bates), Graham Soutten (Raymond), Teddy Brown (Slim Charlie), Kathleen Harrison (Mabel), Roy Emerton (Colonial), Bertha Belmore (lady with tiara), Clifford Buckton (prison van driver), Noel Dainton (Scotland Yard Inspector), George Merritt (policeman outside the bank), Bernard Miles (prison warder), Charles Paton (Smith), Leonard Sharp (convict), Harry Terry (Charlie, convict).


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