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Southward Ho (March 19, 1939)

Southward Ho with Roy Rogers

Released on March 19, 1939: Roy Rogers discovers that the government tax collector is also the area's biggest bandit.

Directed by Joseph Kane

The Actors: Roy Rogers (Roy), Lynne Roberts - listed as 'Mary Hart' in the film credits (Ellen Denbigh), George 'Gabby' Hayes (Gabby Whitaker), Wade Boteler (Colonel Denbigh), Arthur Loft (Captain Jeffries), Lane Chandler (Jim Crawford), Tom London (Union Sergeant), Charles R. Moore (Skeeter), Ed Brady (Mears), Chuck Baldra (Concertina Player), Bob Burns (rancher who has his watch taken), Fred Burns (doctor), George Chesebro (townsman), Spade Cooley (fiddle player), Jim Corey (Davidson, a Union soldier), Art Dillard (Union soldier), Earl Dwire (wounded storekeeper), Frank Ellis (Jones, a Union soldier), Oscar Gahan (Reb soldier), Helen Gibson (Mrs. Crawford), Jack Ingram (Union Sergeant), Jane Keckley (storekeeper's wife), Frank McCarroll (Union soldier), George Montgomery (bit part), Tom Smith (rancher), Roger Williams (rancher who wants a receipt), Bob Woodward (gun guard).


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