The Stolen Jools (April 4, 1931)

Edward G. Robinson in The Stolen Jools

Released April 4, 1931: Almost every famous actor in Hollywood in 1931 appeared in this charity film for a tuberculosis sanatarium.

Directed by William C. McGann, John G. Adolfi, Thomas Atkins, Harold C. Bucquet, Victor Heerman and Russell Mack

The Actors: Wallace Beery (Police Sergeant), Buster Keaton (Policeman), Jack Hill (Policeman), J. Farrell MacDonald (Policeman), Edward G. Robinson (gangster), George E. Stone (gangster), Eddie Kane (the detective), Stan Laurel (Policeman), Oliver Hardy (Police driver), Allen 'Farina' Hoskins (Farina, member of Our Gang), Matthew 'Stymie' Beard (Stymie, member of Our Gang), Norman 'Chubby' Chaney (Chubby, member of Our Gang), Mary Ann Jackson (herself, member of Our Gang), Shirley Jean Rickert (herself, member of Our Gang), Dorothy DeBorba (Echo, member of Our Gang), Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins (Wheezer, member of Our Gang), Polly Moran (herself), Norma Shearer (herself), Hedda Hopper (herself), Joan Crawford (herself), William Haines (Joan Crawford's husband), Dorothy Lee (herself), Victor McLaglen (Sergeant Flagg), Edmund Lowe (Sergeant Quirt), El Brendel (Swedish waiter), Charles Murray (Kelly), George Sidney (Cohen), Winnie Lightner (herself), Fifi D'Orsay (herself, wooed by Warner Baxter), Warner Baxter (himself, dressed as the Cisco Kid), Irene Dunne (herself), Bert Wheeler (himself), Robert Woolsey (himself), Richard Dix (himself), Claudia Dell (herself), Lowell Sherman (himself, directing a movie), Eugene Pallette (reporter), Stuart Erwin (reporter), Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher (reporter), Gary Cooper (reporter), Wynne Gibson (Winnie, reporter), Charles 'Buddy' Rogers (himself), Maurice Chevalier (himself), Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (himself), Richard Barthelmess (himself), Loretta Young (herself), Charles Butterworth (himself, pretends to be Luis Fazenda), Bebe Daniels (herself), Ben Lyon (himself), Barbara Stanwyck (herself), Frank Fay (himself, Barbara Stanwyck's husband), Jack Oakie (himself), Fay Wray (herself), George 'Gabby' Hayes (projectionist), 'Little Billy' Rhodes (film delivery boy), Mitzi Green (herself, little girl with the pearls), Joe E. Brown (himself, wearing fake beard), Robert Ames (himself), Bert Lytell (himself).


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You've never seen so many movie stars in twenty fast minutes before, and you almost didn't get to see this historic movie short at all. In 1931 the National Variety Artists Tuberculosis Sanitarium was in need of funds to continue operations, so actors from at least four large movie studios all came together to produce a one reel comedy. The Masquers Club, a group of Broadway actors that moved to Hollywood and formed a club to preserve their Broadway memories, organized the venture. Chesterfield cigaretts paid for the filming and editing of the movie, and the actors worked for free. The film was distributed at no cost by Paramount Pictures to movie theaters around the world. After the film was shown, a person from each local theater would come on stage and ask for donations, which would then be sent to the Sanitarium. Chesterfield cigaretts paid for the filming and editing of the movie, and the actors worked for free.

This movie was thought to be lost forever until a copy was discovered in England, and because movies can now be converted into digital files and shared on sites like this one, it should never be lost again. The plot of the story is about actress Norma Shearer's lost pearl necklace. Detective Eddie Kane questions actors about the missing jewelry until the pearl necklace finally turns up. Don't pop a lot of popcorn, this is a real 'quickie'!