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The Dentist (December 9, 1932)

W.C. Fields in The Dentist

Released December 9, 1932: W.C. Fields is a dentist who has a very eventful day.

Directed by Leslie Pearce

The Actors: W.C. Fields (dentist), Marjorie Kane (Mary, his daughter), Arnold Gray (Arthur the ice man), Dorothy Granger (patient, Miss Peppitone), Elsie Cavanna (patient, Miss Mason), Zedna Farley (dental assistant), Joseph Belmont (Mr. Benford, the man hit by a golf ball), Billy Bletcher (Mr. Foliage, the bearded patient), Joe Bordeaux (Benford's caddy), Harry Bowen (Joe), Bobby Dunn (the dentist's caddy), George Gray (Benford's golf partner), Barney Hellum (patient in waiting room), Thelma Hill (sitting in waiting room, scene cut), Bud Jamison (Charley Frobisher), Pete Rasch (Benford's tough son), Emma Tansey (old lady).


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