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The Barber Shop (July 28, 1933)

The Barber Shop

Released July 28, 1933: W.C. Fields is a barber in this comedy classic that manages to injure most of his customers and capture a bank robber.

Directed by Arthur Ripley

The Actors: W.C. Fields (Cornelius O'Hare), Elise Cavanna (Mrs. O'Hare), Harry Watson (Ronald O'Hare), Dagmar Oakland (Hortense the manicurist), Frank Alexander (steam room victim 'before'), Billy Bletcher (steam room victim 'after'), Joe Bordeaux (passerby), Harry Bowen (cop), Joe Calder (passerby), Julia Griffith (Mrs. Scroggins, passerby), Fay Holderness (little girl's mother), George Humbert (Jose), William McCall (man with the horse), Cyril Ring (escaped bank robber), Dick Rush (cop), John Sinclair (as John St. Clair) (Mr. Flugg, shave customer), Gloria Velarde (little girl customer), Frank Yaconelli (man selling bass fiddle).


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