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Pardon My Pups (January 26, 1934)

Shirley Temple in Pardon My Pups

Released January 26, 1934: Shirley Temple is Sonny's kid sister, and when Sonny gets a prize pup for his birthday instead of the used motorcycle that he wanted, he runs away from home.

Directed by Charles Lamont

The Actors: Frank Coghlan Jr. (Sonny Rogers), Shirley Temple (Mary Lou Rogers), Kenneth Howell (Harry Vanderpool), Dorothy Ward (Phyllis), Harry Myers (Mr. Rogers), Virginia True Boardman (Mrs. Rogers).


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If you are a Shirley Temple fan, you will enjoy this one reel comedy short featuring 6 year old Shirley Temple as Sonny's younger sister. It is Sonny's birthday today, and he wants a used motorcycle. Dad wants to spend the same money on a thoroughbreed hunting dog for his son, so that he can use the dog when he goes hunting. Dad tells Sonny that he's getting a pup from a soon-to-be mother dog instead of the used motorcycle that he wants. So Sonny runs away from home and encounters a dog that is in trouble, and when he saves the dog he becomes attached to it and takes it back home with him. When Dad sees Sonny with the mutt he brought home, instead of being happy that his son now likes dogs, he bawls him out for bringing home a stray mutt, and orders him to take the mutt to the pound and have him put asleep. After Sonny leaves for the pound, the fellow that is selling Dad the thoroughbred dog arrives and we discover that the dog that Sonny is having put to sleep is actually the thoroughbred dog that is about to have the expensive pups.

You won't need a lot of popcorn to get you through this heart-warming drama. but it is still a good reason to pop a bowl and drizzle warm melted butter over.