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Shirley Temple in Managed Money (February 23, 1934)

Shirley Temple in Managed Money

Released February 23, 1934: Shirley Temple is Sonny's younger sister Mary Lou, who helps her big brother earn enough money to attend military school.

Directed by Charles Lamont

The Actors: Frank Coghlan Jr. (Sonny Rogers), Shirley Temple (Mary Lou Rogers), Harry Myers (Mr. George Rogers), Huntley Gordon (police officer), Virginia True Boardman (Mrs. George Rogers), Helene Chadwick (Mrs. George Rogers), Sidney Miller (Sidney, Sonny's friend), Kenneth Howell (Harry Vanderpool).


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Shirley Temple is Mary Lou Rogers, and in this movie short she helps her older brother Sonny try to earn enough money to attend military school. Sonny and his friend Sidney get shovels and picks and head for the desert to prospect for gold. They run into mirages, and an old fellow that has lost his memory. The old man leads them to a fortune in gold dust, but when they return home and have an expert check it out, it turns out to be 'fools gold' and isn't worth a penny. Meanwhile, the old fellow that has lost his memory is fooling around with a chemestry set that the kids had, and soon he makes an explosive that blows him up and out of the house, landing on the street outside. The fall to the ground brings back his memory, and it turns out that he is the long, lost founder of the local military acadamy, and Sonny is rewarded with a free scholarship to the acadamy.