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Shadow of Chinatown (October 10, 1936)

Bela Lugosi in Shadow of Chinatown

Released on October 10, 1936: A lady representing European traders are upset that Chinese merchants in Chinatown are selling more goods than them, so she hires a mad chemist to put the Chinese businesses out of business.

Directed by Robert F. Hill

The Actors: Bela Lugosi (Victor Poten), Bruce Bennett (Martin Andrews), Joan Barclay (Joan Whiting), Luana Walters (Sonya Rokoff, the Dragon Lady), Maurice Lu (Willy Fu), Charles King (henchman Grogan), William Buchanan (henchman Healey), Forrest Taylor (Police Captain Walters), John Cowell (white Chinaman), James B. Leong (Wong), Henry T. Tung (Dr. Wu), Paul Fung (Tom Chu), George Chan (Old Luce), Moy Ming (Wong's brother Charlie), Victor Adamson (weasle looking henchman), Lester Dorr (steamship ticket clerk), John Elliott (ship's captain), Jack Evans (henchman), Harrison Greene (Mayor Foley), Henry Hall (Dr. Zander), Robert F. Hill (pedestrian), Richard Loo (Loo, Chinaman on street), Bruce Mitchell (Police Officer Riley), Roger Williams (newspaper editor), Victor Wong (bystander).


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This movie was released both as a full feature film, and as a 15 chapter serial, with one chapter shown every week before the main feature at 1936 movie theaters. Bela Lugosi is the mad scientist that is hired to put Chinese merchants out of business so that European merchants can sell more goods. As the cops and a couple of reporters chase clues that lead them to the evil Victor Poten, a Eurasian scientist who hates both the Chinese and Americans. Poten has strange and wonderous powers and inventions that he unleashes on anyone trying to stop him. He can hypnotise people with just a glance, and get them to serve him in his dastardly ways. He also has an incredible television machine that can see inside rooms all over town and can watch and hear the police and reporters as they try to find him.

Grab a large bowl of hot buttered white kernel popcorn, sit in an easy chair, and enjoy the sights of 1936 California, cars, ships and actors as they give us an exciting, nail biting adventure into the world of Chinatown, and the evil that lurks therein. Thanks to the 15 chapter serial format, you will enjoy an exciting, breath-taking, death-defying scene about every ten minutes!