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Defenders of the Law (May 24, 1931)

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Defenders of the Law

Released on May 24, 1931: (running time 62 minutes) When a big New York gangster moves to Los Angeles, the police try to infiltrate his gang, but the gangster keeps getting tipped off whenever the police try anything.

Produced by Larry Darmour

Directed by Joseph Levering

The Actors: Catherine Dale Owen (Alice Randall), Edmund Breese (Captain Bill Houston), Mae Busch (Mae Ward, undercover cop), Paul Panzer (ganster), John Holland (Phil Terry, aka Joe Velet), Robert Gleckler (gangster), Kit Guard (Kit, Velet's chief henchman), Joseph W. Girard (Police Chief), Philo McCullough (lawayer), Al Cooke (henchman), Bobby Burns (informant), Fred Kohler Jr. (policeman), Jack Richardson (policeman), Nick Thompson (henchman).

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