The Law of Contact

The Sea Ghost, re-issued as U-67 (November 29, 1931)

The Sea Ghost

Released on November 29, 1931: A WWI sea captain is disgraced by a German submarine attack, and one day in New Orleans has the opportunity to meet the U-boat Captain again, thanks to a man-hating young lady who owns a local cabaret.

Directed by William Nigh

The Actors: Alan Hale (Captain Greg Winters), Laura La Plante (Evelyn Inchcape), Clarence Wilson (Henry Sykes), Peter Erkelenz (Captain Karl Ludwig), Claud Allister (Percy Atwater), Broderick O'Farrell (Chairman of the Court-Martial), Tom London (barroom sailor), Bill Nestell (sailor), Jack Richardson (sailor)


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It is always fun to watch Alan Hale act, and this is one of his best performances, bar none. World War I was fought from 1914 until 1918, and now, in 1931, thirteen years after the end of the war, we have a search for treasure with two foes from the war, as nasty a lawyer as you would ever want to meet, and a lady who hates all men.

As the movie opens, we will see a few minutes of actual footage from WWI with a submarine that sinks a great steam ship, and a navy ship that is too late to help. We discover that Alan Hale, as Captain Greg Winters, was the commander of the Navy vessel, and he is drummed out of the Navy in a court martial for not doing more to prevent the sinking and save any survivors. After he is drummed out of the Navy, he swears revenge on the U-boat captain that sank the ship, and ended his Navy career.

Next we discover a nasty looking lawyer talking to a gal that not only hates him, but all men. But this lawyer has control over the young lady's potential inheritance. Here is where it gets interesting. It seems that the lady's father left two wills, one that left his fortune to his daughter, and another that left his fortune to her cousin. And both wills are in the safe of the steam ship that was sunk by the U-boat! Now this nasty lawyer hires a diver and a salvage boat operator to dive for the safe on the sunken vessel, and guess what? The diver who knows the location of the sunken vessel is none other than the German U-boat captain, and the boat they hire to take them to the spot is owned and captained by our disgraced Navy man, Greg (Alan Hale). Once everyone gets an idea who everyone else is, the plot moves along so quickly that you don't need any more explanation from me. Just know that you literally won't be able to tear your eyes away from the screen until the final scene is over, as these manly-men and man-hating girl travel down the road to riches . . . or ruin.