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Police Court (February 20, 1932)

Police Court

Released on February 20, 1932: A famous actor becomes an alcoholic and loses his career, and his son tries to help him stop drinking and resume his career during Great Depression era America.

Directed by Louis King

The Actors: Henry B. Walthall (Nat Barry), Leon Janney (Junior Barry), Lionel Belmore (Uncle Al Furman), King Baggot (Henry Field, movie director), Al St. John (Skid), Edmund Breese (Judge Robert Webster), Aileen Pringle (Diana McCormick), Walter James (Cappy Hearn), Al Bridge (unknown), Bud Osborne (unknown), Paul Panzer (movie actor), Natalie Joyce (actress), Jack Richardson (unknown), Fred 'Snowflake' Toones (George U.S. Jones).


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