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Pride of the Legion (October 18, 1932)

Sally Blane in Pride of the Legion

Released on October 18, 1932: Only a 30 minute condensed version remains of this cops and robbers tale about rum-runners, cop killers, and Rin Tin Tin.

Directed by Ford Beebe

The Actors: Victor Jory (Jerry Brewster), Barbara Kent (Martha Tully), J. Farrell MacDonald (Chief Scott), Lucien Littlefield (Dad Tully), Sally Blane (Peggy), Glenn Tryon (Tommy Tully), Matt Moore (Cavanaugh), Ralph Ince (Klafki), Jason Robards Sr. (Moran), Rin Tin Tin Jr. (Rinty), Douglass Dumbrille (McMahon), Bob Kortman (Louis), Ernie Adams (Shorty), Bud Osborne (Taylor), William B. Davidson (Sergeant Arnold), Rodney Hildebrand (Sergeant Russell), Jack Cheatham (Sergeant Johnson), Arnold Gray (Officer Jones), Kernan Cripps (Sergeant Miller), Wally Dean (Lieutenant Clark), Bert Roach (drunk), Jack Mower (Walker), Suzanne Wood (dowager), Charles Maurice (Officer Brown), Charles Schaeffer (Sam), Hector Sarno (cassinelli), Tom Dugan (Carnes).


Free Download of the old movie Pride of the Legion

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