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Tangled Destinies (October 18, 1932)

Tangled Destinies

Released on October 18, 1932: An airliner is forced to land in the desert and when the thirteen passengers take refuge in an empty mansion, they will encounter murder, theft, deception, love and mystery.

Produced by Ralph M. Like

Directed by Frank R. Strayer

The Actors: Gene Morgan (Captain Randy Gordon), Doris Hill (Doris), Glenn Tryon (Tommp Preston, Co-pilot), Vera Reynolds (Ruth, stewardess), Ethel Wales (Prudence Daggott), Monaei Lindley (Monica van Buren), Syd Saylor (Buchanan, prizefighter), Sidney Bracey (McGinnis, posing as Professor Marmont), Lloyd Whitlock (Floyd Martin), James B. Leong (Ling), William P. Burt (Harvey Forbes), Henry Hall (Dr. Wingate, the Parson), William Humphrey (Professor Hartley).


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A pilot, a co-pilot, a stewardess, and ten passengers . . . thirteen people in all, are stranded in a remote mansion on a dark and stormy night, and their destinies include death, deception, love and mystery. As our movie opens we watch passengers getting out of an airplane in the middle of the night. On a flight from Albuquerque to Los Angeles the plane is forced to land in a deserted part of the desert. The plane cannot take off again until morning, so the thirteen people from the plane find a nearby deserted mansion and take refuge until morning. These people, all thrown together in this house, start interacting and the result is mystery, theft and death. It seems that one of the passengers is carrying a bag of precious diamonds, and another passenger is an insurance agent watching over him. Of course, the man carrying the diamonds is murdered, and the diamonds are gone. For my money, I'm keeping my eyes on the old gal that spends her time knitting, and watching everyone else. There is something about her that tells me she is more than just an old lady on a trip.

Pop a nice bowl of white kernel popcorn and enjoy a fast-paced murder mystery thriller set in a creepy mansion on a stormy night in the middle of nowhere.