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Officer Thirteen (December 15, 1932)

Monte Blue in Officer Thirteen

Released on December 15, 1932: Tom and Sandy are best friends and motorcycle policemen. When Sandy gets killed by a gangster, and the corrupt justice system lets him go, Tom vows revenge on the death of his buddy.

Directed by George Melford

The Actors: Monte Blue (Tom Burke), Lila Lee (Doris Dane), Charles Delaney (Sandy Malone), Robert Ellis (Jack Blake), Francis Rich (Joan Thorpe), Joseph W. Girard (Chief of Police Kramer), Seena Owen (Trixi Du Bray), Mickey Rooney (Buddy Malone), Jackie Searl (Sammy), Lloyd Ingraham (Judge Dane), Florence Roberts (Granny), George Humbert (fruit vendor), Dot Meyberg (Dolores), Charles O'Malley (Pete Billings), Allan Cavan (Police Captain Reed), Edward Cooper (Rogers, the Dane butler), Kit Guard (oil truck driver).


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Police Officers in America, and I suspect all over the world, have a special bond . . . a brotherhood that you cannot find in any other profession. I had a nephew that was a police officer in small Canfield, Ohio some years ago. He lived life to the fullest, always challenging and conquering his fears and ambitions. One sunny Sunday afternoon he was sky-diving with friends, and something went wrong, and he fell to his death. On the day of his funeral the whole town was just about shut down and police officers from almost every state in the country arrived in full dress uniform to celebrate his life, mourn his passing, and escort him to his final resting place. Get your tissues and your bowl of hot buttered white kernel popcorn, and enjoy an amazing ‘cops vs. gangsters’ movie from 1932 that shows that special bond between brothers in blue.

As our movie opens we meet two motorcycle cops who are such nice fellows that any of us would love to have them as a friend. Tom is a single fellow, and his best buddy Sandy is the father of a cute little boy. Sandy and his boy live with Sandy’s mother, and her home is the gathering place for the whole neighborhood. We quickly fall in love with them all, but just as we are getting all happy inside, a convertible with two people in it races around the corner nearly hitting the boys, and rushing off down the street. Sandy starts his motorcycle and takes off after the speeding car, and Tom gets on his bike and follows also. After a thrilling chase Sandy catches the convertible, and the fellow driving the convertible swings his car suddenly, hitting Sandy and forcing his bike off the road and over a cliff. Sandy is fatally injured, but Tom races on and catches the convertible. Inside are a gangster and the daughter of a local judge. The gangster, with the help of hush money from gambling joint owner Trixi Du Bray, convinces the judge’s daughter to lie about the accident and not reveal that the gangster deliberately hit the cop. The judge’s daughter has a guilty conscience, but she does lie, and the gangster gets off scott free. Tom is angered and vows revenge on his partner's death. The rest of the movie is about the Judge's daughter and her guilty feelings, and the corrupt legal system that will not let the police track down the hush money and guilty parties, and Tom’s determination to bring the gangster to justice at any cost.