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Notorious but Nice (August 5, 1933)

Notorious but Nice

Released August 5, 1933: Jenny Jones wants to marry Dick, but Dick's lawyer will do everything in his power to keep them apart, and would succeed, except for the secret that Jenny holds in her heart.

Directed by Richard Thorpe

The Actors: Marian Marsh (Jenny Jones), Betty Compson (Millie Sprague), Don Dillaway (Richard Hamilton), Rochelle Hudson (Constance Martin), John St. Polis (John J. Martin), J. Carrol Naish (Joe Charney), Dewey Robinson (T.A. 'Tuffy' Kraft), Henry Kolker (Defense Attrorney Clark), Robert Ellis (prosecutor), Robert Frazer (the park man), Wilfred Lucas (the judge), Michael Mark (unknown), Jane Keckley (Mrs. Kelly), J. Frank Glendon (unknown), Clarence Geldart (unknown), Edward Peil Sr. (unknown), Nancy Cornelius (unknown), Louise Beavers (Ophelia).

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Jenny Jones has a secret. She holds the picture of her sainted mother and predicts that she is in for a whole lot of trouble, but her secret will remain a secret. Lord, what this girl will go through in this movie shouldn't happen to a dog, but our little Jenny Jones is in for one of the rockiest roller coater rides through life that you've ever seen. Pop your white kernel popcorn and grab a soda, and get ready for the ride of your life.

It is 1933, and the world is in the midst of a Great Depression, but there are still wealthy people around town, and our story involves young Jenny Jones and the wealthy people that want her, want to get rid of her, want to manipulate her, and more. Our movie opens with Jenny and Dick ending an evening together at Jenny's apartment. Dick wants to marry Jenny, but Jenny resists because Dick will shortly inherit his father's fortune, but Jenny is convinced that if Dick marries her, the family lawyer will prevent Dick from getting the family money. Dick doesn't think so, and insists that they get engaged, no matter what happens. Jenny reluctantly agrees to marry Dick, and after they part Jenny tells her mother's picture on the dresser that she knows she is in for a lot of trouble. Boy, that isn't the half of it. Let me fill you in on just what this girl is up against.

Jenny has a neighbor Millie, who is a lady of the night who parties till dawn, a gold digger extrordinaire. She tries to entice Jenny to join her on a night time adventure on the nightclub circuit, but Jenny is a girl that doesn't even drink, let alone party in nightclubs. Ahh, but let's look at Millie a bit. It seems that Dick's lawyer has hired this gal to get next to Jenny and try to corrupt her, because the family lawyer doesn't want Jenny and Dick to get together. And that isn't all. Did I mention that Jenny works in the lawyer's office? Yup. Did I mention that this stinker of a lawyer hires private eyes to tail Jenny day and night looking for anything to frame her with? Did I mention that this lawyer invents reasons to get Dick out of town to keep them apart? Once Dick was out of town, this lawyer fired Jenny and made certain that no one else in town would ever hire her. Jenny gets kicked out of her apartment and is living on a park bench. Then when Dick gets back to town and tries to look up Jenny, his lawyer tells him that he can find her in a certain nightclub, and when Dick goes to the nightclub he finds Jenny in the arms of another man - a man who the lawyer paid to offer Jenny a meal, and then made it look like she was drunk and partying with the man when Dick arrived. Dick is hustled out of the nightclub and believes that she is a bad girl. He goes on a long ocean voyage to get away, and Jenny is still in for more grief from the stinker lawyer. Before this is over, Jenny will be tried in open court for murder, and it looks like she is going to be put to death. But Jenny has a secret. Remember? We are in court, and Jenny will soon be convicted of murder, and Jenny has a secret. Sorry, I already said that. Her secret? The one fact that will turn everyone's world upside down? Hold on to your popcorn, because this ride comes to a very surprising end, that only Jenny can control . . .