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The Moth (January 15, 1934)

Sally O'Neil in The Moth

Released on January 15, 1934: A sexy young rich girl blows through her fortune, runs away to New Orleans and unwittingly becomes an accomplice to a pair of jewel thieves during Mardi Gras.

Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer

The Actors: Sally O'Neil (Diana Wyman), Paul Page (George Duncan), Wilfred Lucas (John Gale), Fred Kelsey (Fred Kelsey), Duncan Renaldo (Don Pedro), Rae Daggett (Marie LeMaire, aka the Moth), Nina Guilbert (Aunt Jane), Georgia O'Dell (old maid on train), Jack Cheatham (first desk sergeant)


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A sexy young rich girl, a young female jewel thief, and Carnival time in New Orleans combine to give us a pre-code movie that will bring the excitement of the wealthy party set to the big screen. As our movie opens, we meet wealthy Diana Wyman, who inherited her wealth form her dead father. Diana is a wild child, living to party and have fun every night. One night she is dancing in a sexy scanty outfit when the cops raid the party and arrest her. When she gets out the lawyer who watches over her money tells her that because she 'besmirched' her father's good name she will get no more money from the estate - she must now rely on the old fogey lawyer to give her what he pleases, and she can tell that he wants more than gratitude in return. It is Carnival time in New Orleans, so Diana decides to go there by train. The lawyer hires George Duncan, a cool, tall glass of manly water to follow her and keep her out of trouble. George dislikes her uppity snooty ways, and she doesn't seem to like him either, so we know that these two will get together before this movie is over!

On the train trip from New York to New Orleans, Diana meets Marie, a pretty young lady who is also heading for New Orleans, and also has a fellow following her. They get together and manage to elude the men following them, and arrive in New Orleans ready to party hardy. In New Orleans, Marie meets Don Pedro (Duncan Renaldo, later famous as The Cisco Kid on television). As we listen to them, we learn that Marie and Don Pedro are a team of crafty jewel thieves, and they are planning to rob several wealthy ladies during the Mardi Gras Carnival. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter on it and enjoy a movie from 1934 that was scandalously sexy for the day. Between the sexy young playgirl and the pretty jewel thief, and the two men following them, you are in for an hour of adventure and drama at the Mardi Gras.