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Mystery Ranch (April 12, 1934)

Tom Tyler in Mystery Ranch

Released April 12, 1934: A best-selling New York author of western novels visits a dude ranch and clashes with the young lady running the ranch.

Directed by Bernard B. Ray

The Actors: Tom Tyler (Bob Morris), Roberta Gale (Mary Henderson), Louise Cabo (Mrs. Henderson), Jack Perrin (George Andrews), Frank Hall Crane (Percy Jenkins), Charles King (Sam), Tom London (Blake), George Chesebro (Kern), Jimmy Aubrey (Jim Crocker), Jim Corey (cowboy), John Elliott ('Dad' Morris), Lafe McKee (Bill), Robert Walker (deputy).


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Tom TylerTom Tyler and Roberta Gale
Tom Tyler fights the bad guyTom Tyler, Roberta Gale and Louise Cabo
Frank Hall CraneRoberta Gale
Frank Hall Crane - 1934Roberta Gale - 1934