Picture Brides (April 24, 1934)

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Picture Brides

Released on April 24, 1934: An innocent girl who was shanghaied to a diamond mine in Brazil is accosted by the evil mine owner, and is helped by one of four mail order brides.

Directed by Phil Rosen

The Actors: Dorothy Mackaill (Mame Smith), Regis Toomey (Dave Hart), Alan Hale (Von Luden), Dorothy Libaire (Mary Lee), Harvey Clark (Doc Rogers), Will Ahern (Brownie Brown), Mary Kornman (Mataeo Rogers), Esther Muir (Flo Lane, bleach-blond bride), Mae Busch (Gwen, British bride), Gladys Ahern (Laorna), Fred Malatesta (Castro), Viva Tattersall (Lena, European bride), Al Hill (Steve, detective), Michael Visaroff (Pete), Brooks Benedict (Bill Town), Franklin Parker (Joe), Larry McGrath (Tom), Jimmy Aubrey (riverboat skipper).


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