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Money Means Nothing (June 15, 1934)

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Gloria Shea in Money Means Nothing

Released on June 15, 1934: When a wild young wealthy girl falls for a poor working boy and gets married to him, she proves that love means more than money in this Great Depression classic.

Directed by Christy Cabanne

The Actors: Wallace Ford (Kenneth 'Kenny' McKay), Gloria Shea (Julie Ferris McKay), Edgar Kennedy (Herbert Green), Vivien Oakland (Helen Whitney), Maidel Turner (Mrs. Kerry Green), Betty Blythe (Mrs. Ferris), Eddie Tamblyn (Robby Ferris), Richard Tucker (George Whitney), Tenen Holtz (Mr. Silverman), Ann Brody (Mrs. Silverman), Irving Bacon (Navy Secretary), Ernie Adams (head hijacker), Sam Flint (Police Sergeant), Douglas Fowley (Red Miller), Olaf Hytten (Parsons, butler), Jack Kenney (hijacker driver), Jack Norton (Jack, hijacker), Lee Phelps (chauffeur), Harry Semels (toy vendor), Bert Young (Jim, the driver shot in the leg).

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Julie is a wild young 22 year old girl from a wealthy family who likes to party. One night when she was slumming in a working class bar she spots a bunch of guys that she thinks are up to no good. Her boyfriend is drunk as a skunk, and almost passed out, but when the fellows she is watching get up and leave, she grabs her drunk boyfriend and they follow the guys. Her car stalls, and as she is trying to re-start the car, a truck comes by and is hijacked by the guys she was trying to follow. One of the truckers was shot in the leg, and Julie invites them to her home to get patched up. The other trucker is Ken, an affable young fellow, and Julie falls for him instantly. She chases him even though Ken doesn't seem to be interested in her. He knows that a rich girl like Julie has no place with a working mug like him, so he ignores her advances. Finally she asks Ken to marry her, and he accepts. Julie's mom warns her that if she marries Ken, she will be cut off from the family money. Julie doesn't care, money means nothing for her, only her love for Ken. And let me tell you right now, her love for Ken is true-blue, and never wavers throughout this drama.

Ken and Julie get a small apartment in Brooklyn and take up housekeeping. This turns out to be a really big mistake. Their neighbors are the Greens, and the Greens are obnoxious loud and did I mention . . . Herb Green is Ken's boss! All goes fairly well until Julie's birthday, when her family visits for dinner, and arrive in their very expensive car. Mrs. Green spots the car and sees that they are visiting Ken and Julie, and Mrs. Green must intrude on this party. Before the night is over, Mrs. Green believes that one of Julie's family has insulted her husband, and Ken's boss gets miffed and gets Ken fired from his job. And in these days of the Great Depression, jobs are not easy to find, and Ken's old boss refuses to even give him a recommendation, so Ken and Julie slide deeper into poverty. As if being penniless isn't enough, Julie discovers that she is pregnant. Can things get any worse? You betcha! You have no idea how much trouble Ken and Julie are in for, but keep munching your butter drenched white kernel popcorn and ride this roller coaster of love with Ken and Julie. You will not find a better way to spend the next hour. And I must tell you that this is one of my favorite old movies. Julie is my kind of gal. If you watch the final two minutes, you will find out why.