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The World Accuses (November 12, 1934)

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The World Accuses with Vivian Tobin

Released on November 12, 1934: (running time 58 minutes) Thanks to a witchy mother-in-law, Lola loses her husband and baby son, only to find him again when he is put in the day care center that she is running. This would be a normal mother-baby tear-jerker if it weren't for all of the guns and excitement that leads to a gang-buster ending.

Directed by Charles Lamont

The Actors: Vivian Tobin (Lola Weymouth), Dickie Moore (Tommy Weymouth), Cora Sue Collins (Pat Collins), Russell Hopton (Hugh Collins), Harold Huber (Checkers Fraley), Mary Carr (Mrs. Warren), Paul Fix (John Weymouth), Sarah Edwards (Lucille Weymouth), Robert Elliott (Lieutenant Ryan), Jameson Thomas (Jerome Rogers), Bryant Washburn (attorney Barrett), Robert Frazer (attorney Hopper), Broderick O'Farrell (Doctor Jarvis), Lloyd Ingraham (the judge), Jane Keckley (Nora), Barbara Bedford (Martha Rankin).

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