Undercover Men (December 1, 1934)

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Adrienne Dore in Undercover Men

Released on December 1, 1934: Robert Hunter gets fired from his bank teller job for allowing a robbery to take place, so he joins the Mounties and tries to catch the bank robbers.

Directed by Sam Newfield

The Actors: Charles Starrett (Bob Hunter), Adrienne Dore (Betty Winton), Kenne Duncan (Blake Hardy), Wheeler Oakman (Inspector A.R. McCrae), Eric Clavering (Madigan), Philip Brandon (Constable Jamie Jamieson), Austin Moran (Sergeant Woods), Grace Webster (Mrs Jamieson), Gilmore Young (Hyde), Elliott Lorraine (Mr. Winton), Wilbur Freeman (Hammond), Farnham Baxter (one eyed Ezra Hardy, bank owner), Muriel Deane (lady in hardware store).


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Charles StarrettCharles Starrett in Undercover Men
Charles Starrett - 1934Charles Starrett in Undercover Men