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Mutiny Ahead (March 1, 1935)

Neil Hamilton in Mutiny Ahead

Released on March 1, 1935: Beverly Hills playboy gambler Kent Brewster gets tangled with a jewel thief, robber sailors, and a pretty young society girl searching for a gold treasure.

Produced by Larry Darmour

Directed by Thomas Atkins

The Actors: Neil Hamilton (Kent Brewster), Kathleen Burke (Carol Bixby), Leon Ames (McMurtrie), Reginald Barlow (Captain Martin), Noel Francis (Mimi), Paul Fix (Teeter SMith), Dick Curtis (Steve), Ray Turner (Sassafras), Katherine Jackson (Glory Bell), Maidel Turner (Kitty Vanderpool), Roger Moore (Darby), Edward Earle (Barnes), Boothe Howard (gambler), Matthew Betz (Dixon), Victor Alexander (sailor), Cliff Bergere (waiter), Georgia Caine (pirate party guest), Jack Chefe (roulette player), Lester Dorr (party boy), Jack Irwin (sailor), Eddie Kane (pirate party auctioneer), Isabel La Mal (party guest), Harry Tenbrook (sailor), Monte Vandergrift (helmsman wheeler).


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Beverly Hills playboy gambler Kent Brewster never worked a day in his life. As part of the wealthy society crowd, he lives life on the sunny side, until his gambling losses finally bankrupt him. In need of some fast cash, he is forced to steal a string of valuable pearls at a society party. This party is being hosted by a wealthy society lady who is celebrating the departure of her daughter on a salvage voyage to the South Seas in search of sunken gold. Kent and Carol fall for each other, in a playful 'I can't stand you, but I like you,' way. Kent exchanges the pearls with a string of fake pearls, and although he regrets doing it, he heads off to the jewel thief to give him the stolen peals. When he gets there he discovers that the jewel thief has been shot and killed. Seeing this, he rushes back to the party to return the pearls, but on the way is mugged by a gang of sailors, and the pearls are stolen from him. He rushes down to the docks in search of the sailors that stole the pearls from him, and goes aboard the ship where the pearls are probably hidden. Now of course, this is the same ship that the wealthy young lady has financed to search for sunken treasure, and he is discovered as a stowaway after the ship has left port.

When Carol discovers that Kent is aboard as a stowaway, she convinces the captain to have him work in the galley instead of putting him in the brig. From here on to the end, we encounter an evil officer McMurtrie, who has evil designs on both Carol and the gold booty, and enough exciting adventure to keep us on the edge of our seats. Kent and Carol encounter each other enough times to get them very friendly, and before this South Seas adventure is over, they will battle not only the pearl thieves, but crewmembers who want to kill Kent and steal the gold booty, and kidnap Carol and her virtue. Oh, and what South Seas adventure could be complete without a giant killer octopus? Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with warm melted butter, and enjoy a pirate adventure starring the cream of the Beverly Hills crowd.